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To look your best, it is important to keep your hair as appealing and healthy as possible – and that is where deep conditioner comes in.Deep conditioning is important for hydrating, strengthening and sustaining the elasticity of natural hair that’s gotten dried out due to a less-than-humid environment or heat styling. The best deep conditioners also help to prevent hair damage, add shine, enhance curls and maintain the general health of the h
Did you know that wrinkles have a scientific name, rhytides? Well, it makes sense that they would; these unattractive creases and folds in the skin have attracted a lot of scientific research. For instance, scientists now understand all the different causes of wrinkles: losing weight, always sleeping in the same position, swimming or bathing for a long time, something called glycation (if you want to get really technical) – and most importantly,
Giving your hair a good wash is a sacred self-maintenance ritual, just like bathing and brushing your teeth.Most of us generally don’t pay much attention to the kind of shampoo or conditioner we use, as we just want to get on with our day. Well, if you’re lucky enough to have a naturally shiny and lustrous mane, you’re probably fine. But some of us really need to put extra time and effort into providing our hair with the subtle care it needs.

Home Remedies for Dry and Damaged Hair

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Hair that lacks the ability to retain moisture simply cannot maintain its natural shine, texture, and smoothness.Hair damage primarily occurs due to losing its natural oils which are typically brought about by sunbathing, swimming in a heavily chlorinated water, over-reliance on hair dryers and other hair styling products. People with naturally dry skin also find themselves dealing with hair damage.